Parliamentary Integrity speaks of "influential mafias" dominate the Real Estate

Sunday 04-10-2015 | 11:00:55

Twilight News / announced the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Sunday, it hosted the Inspector General for the Department of Justice and discussed with him the development of real estate fraud that took place in the recent period revealed manipulators staff in the ownership of public and private real estate.

A statement by the Commission responded to Twilight News, it's hosted on Sunday , the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice dealt with a number of important topics which include corruption files to more than 340 a ministerial order.

The statement noted that he touched on the real estate development and fraud that took place in the recent period revealed manipulators staff in the ownership of public and private property in order to ensure the return of the role that has been converted through manipulation and corruption to their owners.

He said he discussed the development of new mechanisms and controls the decision of 76 and 88 after the emergence of mafias influential works to seize the property unjustly.

The head of the Integrity Committee MP Talal Khudair Zobaie to form a committee of members of the Integrity Commission to open a number of files of real estate registration staff due to tampering with public records and attempt to steal drugs from citizens, stressing that obtaining Counterfeiters and manipulative punishment fair.

As Zobaie stressed that the Integrity Commission has decided to controls and new mechanisms in real estate the state and properties of citizens control mode.

The statement noted that during the hosting discuss languishing conditions of prisoners in the Ministry of Justice prison where he asked the Chairman of the Integrity Commission about the reasons for non-delivery of food to prisons, stressing the formation of the Truth and do field trips to punish negligent and re-search in feed prisoners decades.

The statement continued that the committee I mentioned "reluctance and clear" in the delivery of food and drink to the prisoners, pointing out that this raises a lot of doubts and suspicion in the real intentions of operators of water supply and food to the prisons of the Iraqi Ministry of Justice.