Financial: Balancing next year only and no operational investment

Date: Monday, 05-10-15 03:17 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
The Finance Committee's decision confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance Ahmed Al Haj "budget next year for operational salaries only without investment.

Pilgrim said that "without regard to investment budget 30 trillion dinars, which is 29 trillion deficit so it cannot in these circumstances, there should be income revenue to balance the investment."
Pilgrim said that "under the current circumstances and to enter Iran for the oil market after the nuclear agreement with the major powers could not keep the price at the level of 45 dollars per barrel but could fall to 35 or 30 dollars.", noting "the need to put fiscal Commission rate of $ 35 for the next budget."
The Ministry of finance submitted last month in 14 of the State budget to Cabinet adjustable Kiss as the House is entitled to according to paragraph (ii) of article (62) of the Constitution, reducing the overall amount.
"The federal budget numbers for 2016, in the light of data and reduction of public spending and reduce waste and extravagance with public money and diversify sources of income".