Parliament Speaker Receives Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East and emphasizes the importance evoke the factors that promote brotherhood and cooperation among the people

During the meeting, they reviewed the political and security situation in Iraq, and the country is witnessing crises, and the importance of activating cooperation between all sects and components and make efforts in order to achieve security and stability.

President al-Jubouri, stressed that Christians Thoroughbred of the components of the Iraqi people component, and that what is happening in Iraq, terrorism and other but aimed at people of all components including the Christian brothers, stressing the need to unite and evoke the factors that promote brotherhood and cooperation and give a true picture of the brothers and cohesion of the people of the country.

For his part, the Patriarch said that Iraq needs to join hands and work to overcome this serious crisis, pointing out that the Iraqi parliament representatives boss played an important role in defending the rights of the people including the Christian component.

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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 04/10/2015