Parliamentary financial: Balancing 2016 where deficit up to 29 trillion dinars
03/10/2015 13:19

The parliamentary Finance Committee, revealed that the budget deficit in 2016 where up to 29 trillion dinars, indicating the presence of fictional numbers in the budget.
Commission rapporteur said Ahmed Haji told a journalist that "the fiscal deficit in the budget bill for fiscal 2016 contrary to international standards, it is supposed to reach fiscal balance for 2016 to House on 10th of October, stating that fictional figures and budget deficit which reached to 29 trillion Iraqi dinars.
"This great divide and contravene international financial norms that do not exceed 15% deficits but balancing 2016 exceeded the 28%, adding that the powers of the parliamentary Finance Committee is cutting expenses and transfers between doors but the Prime Minister told inviolability and informed that the Government is reduced to the maximum extent possible."

Iraq is witnessing and many States in the world economic crisis, as a result of falling oil prices, world stock, without the $ 48 per barrel, up from $ 110.