Zebari to discuss with directors of the financial plans for the next phase

Date: Sunday, 04-10-15 12:59 am

Baghdad news/economic page editor
Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari held a consultative meeting and orientation with the directors in the Ministry. "

He said the Finance Ministry statement received "Baghdad" copy, "during which the review policies and Ministry's plans for the next stage, and consolidate the reform policy in the Ministry and institutions working to develop methods of working with government departments and citizens".
Meanwhile Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed with Chinese Ambassador in Iraq Wang Yong the possibility of helping Iraq overcome temporary financial crisis including avoiding budget deficits.
According to a statement by the Ministry of finance in Baghdad received news "Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met with Wang Yong, Chinese Ambassador in Iraq and his entourage, during the meeting reviewed economic and trade relations between the two countries in light of the Chinese enterprises in implementation of various projects in Iraq and China has great potential to contribute to infrastructure projects and other strategic projects," adding that "the two sides also discussed means to you by China to help Iraq overcome temporary financial crisis So avoid budget deficit. "
Meanwhile Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met with Ambassador United States Stuart Jones and the delegation of the United States Agency for international development and the British Ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker and his delegation have separately. "
He said the Finance Ministry statement received in Baghdad on news that "during the meeting, they discussed a number of economic and financial issues and gave the Minister a presentation of financial and economic situation in the country in light of the balancing 2015 and 2016 budget blueprint submitted to the Government and the actions taken to plug in light of recent reforms undertaken by the Government of Iraq and ways to find funding to support budget and overcome the current financial crisis."
Another Finance Minister hoshiyar Zebari met Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Ahmed Chalabi to discuss balancing General lkodadm ".
He said the Finance Ministry statement received in Baghdad news copy, it discussed the financial situation and the 2016 draft budget, submitted to the Council of Ministers ".
He added that "there was also an exchange of views and consultation on how best to rationalize expenses and fill the financial gap and development of resources of national income, the two sides stressed the importance of communication and consultation between the Ministry and the Finance Committee for parliamentary cooperation and coordination to cope with the current financial and economic crisis".