America provides additional financial assistance to Iraq worth $ 56 million

Twilight News / announced US Assistant Secretary of State for civilian security, democracy and human rights Sarah Sewall that the United States will provide more than US $ 56 million in additional humanitarian aid to Iraqis affected as a result of violence who are in dire need of help from the international community.

It said during the United Nations General Assembly meeting on the emergency humanitarian situation in Iraq, that "this new funding brings the total humanitarian assistance of the United States of America humanitarian response in Iraq to nearly 534 million US dollars since the beginning of the financial year 2014".

According to the US embassy statement responded to Twilight News, there are nearly 3.2 million displaced Iraqis at home because of the conflict since January 2014, the fastest growing displacement crisis in the world.

She noted that Iraq's neighboring countries now hosts nearly 370 000 Iraqi refugees in addition to the millions of Syrians who have sought refuge and in need of assistance.

The embassy said that the humanitarian assistance of the United States of America aims to help millions of Iraqi civilians affected by the conflict through the provision of relief they need dramatically goods, food and shelter, clean water, sanitation and protection, medical services, livelihood support and other basic goods and services from.

In July, the United Nations launched an appeal to raise US $ 498 to meet the highest priority needs within Iraq to cover the period from July to December 2015.

The embassy statement said that the United States is very concerned because of the absence of a strong response to the appeal from other international donors. Despite the contributions of the United States of America, but he has been locked ratio of only 40 percent of the funds needed to meet the most important needs.

As a result, the humanitarian programs that provide basic food, health, water and sanitation, shelter and other relief services stop working at the present time. Although the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to take steps to meet the needs of Mamjmuah 3.2 million displaced people and 250 000 Syrian refugees in Iraq, but there is more to be done, and there is an urgent need of assistance from the international community.