Abadi reforms topple the corrupt cultural code "Abu loaf" 10./1
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Thread: Abadi reforms topple the corrupt cultural code "Abu loaf" 10./1

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    Abadi reforms topple the corrupt cultural code "Abu loaf" 10./1

    Abadi reforms topple the corrupt cultural code "Abu loaf"

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: ousted Prime Minister al-Abadi reforms, the director of the Department of Children's Culture

    Nofal Abu loaf, as announced by the Ministry of Culture, on Thursday, in a statement, also included, the dismissal of managers another two years, and retirement.

    According to an official letter to the ministry with the number (369), said that "based on the powers of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi under the Constitution and parliamentary approval for the reforms package and move limbering procedures, it was decided two years, three managers from the ministry of their job functions exemption."

    And the book that "sacked from their work duties are Aqeel Ibrahim Mohammed, Director General of the Iraqi House of Fashion, and Nofal Abu Hilal, a loaf of Director General of the Department of Children's Culture, Black and Mahmoud Khalifa, director of the Conference Palace circle.

    The "obelisk" predicted in an earlier report the overthrow of Abu loaf, because of corruption, and fight for innovators, and arrogance in dealing with the intellectuals.

    The book pointed out that "the two articles referred to retire or adjust administrative status according to the law in accordance with instructions issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and The Associate Director-General or the Director of the oldest continuous circle management section in its work until the appointment of Director General of her, pointing out that it is implemented with effect from the date of issuance .

    Iraqis are counting on the reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the feminine aspects of the state and the overthrow of positions "sham" which constitute a burden on the state budget from non-desired benefit from them.

    The dismissal of Abu step into a loaf of Iraqi journalists and intellectuals, a victory over the rampant corruption in the Ministry of Culture, is also a political blow to the quotas that have been developed are not suitable officials in the wrong place.

    And met with intellectuals and media Iraqis according to a poll "obelisk" with joy and praise for Abedi reforms, arguing that the overthrow of Abu loaf is to overthrow one of the corruption and hypocrisy that sat on the cultural agenda of codes, and an end to the role of Abu loaf dubious in corrupt and commission transactions, and the fight against creativity.

    .. Followed by a special report on Abu loaf "corrupt" era in the cultural field ..

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