Political analyst: Abadi will be launched to provide large capital to eliminate corruption
Date: 01/10/2015 16:30


He expressed political analyst Ihsan al-Shammari, Thursday, believed to change the political landscape in Iraq after the return of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi from New York, while noting that al-Abadi will be launched to provide capital to the corruption of the judiciary.

Al-Shammari said in a statement to Agence / information / "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi return from New York will see a change in the political vision of the country through the provision of mafias and large heads of corruption to the judiciary as well as to reduce the ministerial cabin and change the faces of some of the political leaders," pointing out that "al-Abadi Some will resort to undermine the leadership positions that you want to return to the prime minister. "

He added that "what occur by the President of the UN Council on the political vision enjoyed by Abadi, a sign that there are tough decisions to be taken Abadi after arriving from the United States," noting that "al-Abadi is counting on American support religious authority and popular demonstrations in support of reforms ".
Shammari stressed that "Zguta practiced Obama Abadi in New York in order to curtail the role of the popular crowd in the liberation of the Iraqi territory from the control of terrorist Daash. Finished / 25's
It is noteworthy that the popular forces of the crowd consisted of volunteers on the advisory opinion of the supreme religious authority in Iraq, Mr. Ali al-Sistani that have achieved a number of victories in a number of provinces and defeated criminals Daash, where criminals became calculate thousand account for the crowd before taking any step. Ended 25's