Zebari Chinese Ambassador discuss Beijing's help to Iraq to bypass the budget deficit

Brother - Baghdad - Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with the Chinese ambassador in Iraq and Wang Yong, China's assistance to Iraq to overcome the budget deficit.

According to a statement of the ministry, for News Agency et al) a copy of it that Zebari "received today met with Wang Yong, Chinese Ambassador in Iraq and his accompanying delegation, During the meeting, they reviewed economic and trade relations between the two countries in light of the Chinese companies in the implementation of various projects in Iraq and large possibilities to China in contributing to infrastructure projects and other strategic projects."

The statement added, "They also discussed the means that could be carried out by China to help Iraq to overcome its financial crisis temporary, including avoiding the budget deficit."

The draft of the Ministry of Finance for the 2016 budget submitted to the Cabinet in 15 of last September, indicate that the expenditure of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars [US $ 99.65 billion with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars [25.81 billion].

The oil revenues expected in Trliuna 69 and 773 billion and 400 million Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about 83% of the total revenue conjecture 84 trillion dinars (59 billion and 130 million dollars) .anthy