Economy calls COM amend Kurd shares on 2016 budget 10/1
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Thread: Economy calls COM amend Kurd shares on 2016 budget 10/1

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    Economy calls COM amend Kurd shares on 2016 budget 10/1

    Parliamentary economy calls for the Council of Ministers resolution of Kurdistan share going forward before sending to parliament

    Commission asked for the economy and investment representative, on Thursday, the Council of Ministers decisively Kurdistan region's share in the budget for next year before being sent to the House of Representatives, pointing out that the draft budget lacked the amendments required by the current stage.

    Said committee member Nora Albjara told / information /, that "the Council of Ministers demands for resolving the dispute over the province's budget file before being sent to the House of Representatives," indicating that "the settlement of the dispute over this file in the Council of Ministers would be easier than in the Parliament because of a lack of preparation and speed discount in addition to the presence of personalities representative of all the political blocs, as well as the Minister of Finance."

    "The next year's budget in 2016 of the toughest budgets that will pass to Iraq and was supposed to include in it the economic issues and the financial crisis processors that beset the country, but we have seen the budget reproduced and similar to the current year budget and free from real treatments".

    And estimated the Ministry of Finance, the price of oil rate within the 2016 budget at $ 45 and the export of 3.6 million barrels per day, as pointed out that the budget revenues will amount to more than 84 thousand trillion and 73 billion dinars. It ended 25

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