Saeb decision to launch a private sector loans, but !!! 10/1
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Thread: Saeb decision to launch a private sector loans, but !!! 10/1

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    Saeb decision to launch a private sector loans, but !!! 10/1

    Saeb decision to launch a private sector loans, but !!!!!

    Council of Ministers' decision to launch five trillion dinars from the central bank and customize them to grant loans directly to the private sector by industrial, agricultural and housing bank, which came from within the reforms that the President of the Council of Ministers began launching successively after overwhelming popular demonstrations in all Iraqi provinces claim the full reform and the elimination of a series of package corruption and improve services and the elimination of unemployment and other popular demands, it is this decision right and proper and will have many positive returns in the revitalization of the private sector movement, which suffered from significant neglect of successive governments, which will lead to concrete good results in the revitalization of the economic situation in the country in general, even degree simple, and this decision in economic terms is an intact impeccable him but I see from my point of view it less because it neglected to clearly state industrial sector, which has suffered from obvious neglect of successive governments since 2003 and yet even paralyzed in all his joints, and it would be better

    The inclusion of this vital sector of this decision and the allocation of the amount of the principles of at least two trillion dinars allocated to restore life to him and activated because, as is well known to everyone that the giant deployed in all Iraqi provinces our factories do not need a lot of rehabilitation because they are built on large tracts of land and Mkainha exist and imported from global origins solid and lifetime is not yet functional and cadres of engineers and technicians who have acquired long-cumulative expertise in all areas and most of them are ready to return to work and this decision can be transferred from consumers to receive salaries from the budget to empty real producers over.

    So why this reluctance to bring life to our factories and the exploitation of this idle capacity, which will generate huge amounts of money on a budget and will provide hard currency for the country because these plants products will be an alternative to those which the State to be imported from abroad millions of dollars, not to mention the thousands of new jobs to be provided by these plants for our youth unemployed.

    This is a call for honest we have launched dozens of times and repeat today that our plants were returned to life and this is the most appropriate time to take such a decision, which Sarphi new budget money and revive the economy and reduce the adoption of our economy on one source of income which is oil.

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