Economist: the deficit in the budget next year 30 trillion dinars

Special - scales News - He stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, Thursday, that the deficit in the budget next year is estimated at more than 30 trillion dinars, noting that the budget was built on the price of $ 45 per barrel of oil.

Said Antoine in a special statement to the Agency / scales News /, said that "the Iraqi economy yield economy mainly depends on oil imports to determine the general budget of the country," pointing out that "next year's budget was built on the price of $ 45 per barrel of oil, and Baward total 70 trillion dinars "He expressed his" fear of the low price of a barrel to less than $ 40."

He added that "the price of a barrel of oil if he stayed ranges within the limits of the forties it is a good thing and will be a budget deficit of more than 30 trillion dinars," noting that "this deficit possible to reduce through funding from many sides through loans as loans of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund Japanese loan and the National Bank of Qatar."

The "Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary member Mohammed Abbas has revealed, earlier, L / scales News /, to provide his committee 50 a proposal to the central government for about support 2016 budget," noting that "the most prominent of these proposals to activate the role of national companies in supporting the economy National local products."

He said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed meat, earlier in the L / scales News /, that next year will see a few in the implementation of investment projects in Iraq because of the weakness of the federal budget for 2016, noting that government spending will be focused on the operating budget only. / Ended 29 n / 10