Alliance forces announce reservation "severe" on the four-party alliance

Brother - Baghdad - Iraqi forces announced the alliance strong reservations about the so-called four-party alliance, which was announced recently, which includes Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria."

He said the coalition spokesman Dhafer al-Ani in a press Conference: held in Parliament and attended by the correspondent for News Agency (et) that Not consulted in sensitive and very important decision and the lack of respect and partnership, taking into consideration politicians Partners is one of the reasons for our reservation on the four-party alliance, noting that coalition forces surprised as surprised by all the political blocs."

He added that the new four-party alliance will be in the provinces that he is an alliance of power and that there is a representative of the parties within the Quadripartite coalition we consider friendly to our communities and its presence within the provinces is strictly prohibited, demanding Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi detailed clarification about the so-called four-party alliance because in the end pushing Iraq to become an arena of international conflict between the two Aledmetin Russia and the United States which is a recipe for division of the region."

Calling on "the government to reconsider the subject and provide detailed explanations of political partners, including the Alliance of Iraqi forces and the co-heads of the security committees who are conservative in those provinces in the center of four-party alliance operations."