America show its assistance to Iraq and to grant soft loans to enable it to weather the financial crisis

BAGHDAD - promised Shammari: USA tend to support Iraq economically financial grant and concessional loans, as well as the continuation of the security forces trained and equipped with modern weapons free of charge, what promise adviser in the Council of Ministers in application of the framework agreement of strategic cooperation signed between the two countries in 2008, which confirmed the success of the government in the provision of about 50% of non-essential expenses over the past months.

The official statement of the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced for a meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

The statement added that "the meeting emphasized the continued support of Iraq in the areas of armament, training and counseling as well as support efforts to address the consequences of falling oil prices by diversifying sources of spending and increase exports and building the capabilities needed for the success of the reforms."

He says the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister in an interview with "New Morning", that "Washington continues to support Iraq economically since the fall of the former regime," pointing out that it "contributed in 2003 to bear half of the financial burden that Takamadt for the Madrid conference."

Saleh said that "former US grants have been exposed to dissipate because of lack of spending in the right ways," and expressed regret for "not to exploit such assistance in the development of various sectors of the country."

He pointed out that "the current US support can get in the form of military aid in the fight against terrorism."

Saleh warned that "we get the modern weapons, equipment and training to cope with the terrorist organization Daash without financial compensation can Auar budget large sums of money."

Government adviser and he spoke of a "grant or soft loan (long-term benefits to meet a few) give the US administration to Baghdad."
And betting on "the American role in the pressure on the international organizations specialized in economic affairs like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in order to provide these loans and grants."

As Saleh stressed that "Iraq touching the positive attitude of the US administration in helping him to overcome security and economic crises", called for the "benefit of about more than the framework of strategic cooperation between the two countries signed in 2008 the Convention at various levels."

He believes that "it is the Government at the current stage sustain the humanitarian needs, the strategic and energy-related projects and electricity for the wheel to move forward."

But Saleh bridge at the same time saying, "The rest of the budget and the needs of axes it is possible to dispose of them in accordance with the vision of the state."

He noted "the financial success of the Iraqi administration represented by the government and relevant ministries to cross the danger of the current crisis stage."

He explained that the "remedy the crisis came in conjunction with the global decline in oil prices, and continued spending on the war against al-Daash."

It is estimated that the benefit of "the government was able to provide about 50% of the volume of unnecessary spending during the last term."

Economic Adviser to the Council of Ministers and concluded by saying that "these rates clearly will appear at the end of this year, and submit the final accounts of the budget."

And consistent member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives with Sarhan Sarhan Ahmad Saleh that "the United States is serious in the US support Iraq financially in the current stage."

Sarhan said in a statement to the "New Morning", that "the government has appealed more than once this support, but Washington now finds itself compelled to meet it."

And he reasoned that "the US administration felt imminent danger to the region, and hit its interests after the entry of Russia on the line and show its willingness to support Iraq and its neighboring countries."