Ministry: World Bank grants Excellence Award for the Basra Gas Company

Twilight News / announced that the Iraqi Oil Ministry on Thursday Basra Gas Company got the Excellence Award in reducing the proportion of operations associated with the extraction of crude oil and granted by the World Bank gas flaring.

A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in a statement responded to Twilight News, the World Bank granted the Basra Gas Company Excellence Award in reducing the proportion of associated gas burning operations to extract crude oil from the oil fields.

He said that the great efforts exerted by the gas company Basra in coordination with its partners, "the South Gas, Shell, Mitsubishi" in reducing the quantities supplied through the optimal investment through the use of modern technology as well as taking into account the environmental and health aspects and the application of occupational safety systems of the gas burning was one of the factors that contributed to the Basra Gas Company for the Excellence Award granted by the World Bank.

He added that the global Altmisah Award is one of the awards and certificates granted by the high-level international partnership of the World Bank Authority (GGFR) to governments and energy companies, institutions and other development.

He said the award is a clear recognition of the commitment of the Basra Gas Company to invest and treatment of associated gas in Iraq and turn it into useful energy reflected positively on the national economy.