Abadi: People crowd one official state formations that defend the country

BAGHDAD - scales News - The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, that the popular crowd is one of the official state formations that defend the country, noting that Iraq continues to establish a democratic approach in respect Aldstoroalghae ethnic, religious and sectarian discrimination.

Ebadi said in his speech Conference of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York and received / scales News / copy of it, that "the popular crowd is one of the formations formal state that defends the country united with the rest of the heroic security forces that fight terrorism and criminal gangs that are trying to tamper with peace social."

He said Abadi, according to the statement that "Iraq and in spite of all what has happened to continue the democratic approach in establishing respect for the Constitution, and the peaceful exchange of power, and the freedom of expression and beliefs, and the abolition of ethnic, religious and sectarian discrimination."

The prime minister noted, "We are with everything we face challenges, nurture the awareness and respect for popular demands in different regions, and the security forces are keen great care to keep the demonstrators complete freedom of calling for their demands and give them", stressing that "the work of teams following with interest all claims cost, and complexity meetings with various segments of society."

He said al-Abadi said "the basis of the government program, which we adopted in front of the Iraqi Council of Representatives as a representative of the people and in the light of the advanced vision supreme religious authority in urging reform approach, and inspired voice that people in Tzepehrth during the past two months, we introduced political and economic reforms, administrative, and financial package .. As we started working on the revitalization of the private sector in our country, and created a lot of funding necessary to establish small and medium enterprises in spite of the difficult financial conditions experienced by Iraq after the sharp decline in oil prices. " It ended 29 quarters e