Abadi, dance with Wolves in New York
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Thread: Abadi, dance with Wolves in New York

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    Abadi, dance with Wolves in New York

    Abadi, dance with Wolves in New York

    Othello Djeffal since he assumed the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Al-Abbadi on a number of diplomatic mistakes during participation in international meetings or visits, not memory folds after my meeting with davutoglu in Turkey and the movement of lifting his trousers that invaded the social networking sites, or look for the watch in Germany broke into a trilateral meeting of Obama, even open new page that Abbadi errors, perhaps most notably his meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran despite Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari within The Iraqi delegation in New York.

    While these errors culminated late speech of the platform, and then talking about the reforms package, while popular and official censure of such reforms remains mostly unfulfilled promises, finally talking about (the role) of the international coalition in amerli editing and Salahuddin and Diyala full, forgetting the imperatives called for joint operations with Russia and Iran and Syria on the ruins of failed us-led coalition in eliminating organized daash, or at least expansion.

    This asymmetry in the remarks revealed the absence of any strategy to meet the terrorist organization, confirmed Abadi, dance with Wolves in New York that the official position offhand and not merely a reaction to the positions of regional powers and international poles related to Iraq and the region.

    Abadi called on the international community in a speech during the Summit meeting of the leaders of the fight against terrorism and extremism, held in New York to prevent terrorists from transferring funds and benefit from oil, stressed the importance of cutting off terrorism, calling for the need to work with neighboring countries to stem the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq.

    Media Office Al-Abadi did not come, and did not exceed the official template (cold) talked about bilateral relations in meetings with us President Barack Obama-Abadi, head of the European Union, Donald Tusk and Czech Prime Minister boslav sbotika, head of the Red Cross Peter morid, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif, u.s. Vice President Joseph Biden, Adel Al-jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven.

    Unofficial sources suggest that Abbadi tries in New York follow (keeping the stick of Center), where justified on the one hand, developments in the new alliance with Russia and Iran and Syria with convincing the United States and its allies with the importance of their role, on the other hand to Russia and its allies important new Alliance and give them a future role in partnership with Iraq.

    The State of law Coalition mp Nicole Abadi participation at the Conference described the UN General Assembly by "exceptional" under new Russian position.

    Mehak says in a statement "Baghdad news", that "the situation in the United Nations is no longer as it was in the past 10 years, and that the forces of the great East, imposing a new reality on the world after the demise of the war on terror and to bring down Governments, create chaos in the Middle East".

    However, a member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, mp Al-Alusi example description visit Prime b "surface", criticising the lack of political partners consulted on going to New York.

    In a statement, "says al-Alusi received" Baghdad newsletter ", to" visit Abadi was not feasible, and superficial lack of accompanying a delegation of all components of the country, to discuss with all participating States on combating daash and discuss the reality of the country in all fields".

    Site bolitikal Poole, published a document translated "Baghdad news" a report by Julie Hirschfield Davis New York Times correspondent at the White House, which said that Abbadi with us Vice President Joe Biden was Colin as the national security adviser to Vice President and Deputy Assistant to the President, Jeff Prescott, Director of the Middle East at the National Security Council, and John Allen special presidential envoy for the international coalition to fight organizing daash, Brett makghork, Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Syria, weaamos hogstin, us Assistant Secretary of State Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, as he sits in the back row to Ratner, Deputy National Security Advisor for Vice President.

    Western sources meeting likened b (investigation) about the quadruple Alliance, the new Iraq along with Russia and Iran and Syria, saying that Biden expressed indignation at the attitude of the Iraqi Government, which the American Ambassador did not inform on the move before it, asserting that he was speaking about this Abadi Alliance timidly, likely outweigh the relations with Washington and its allies.

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