Parliamentary Finance: the budget ready for vote
Date: Monday 02/06/2012 6:52

Baghdad / range
according to the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that the federal budget for 2012 will be ready to vote next week, while confirming that failure to put to the vote this week goes back to the study of all sections of the transfers of funds based on proposals of the committees and political blocs.

A member of the Finance Committee Hadi Secretary, according to (Rn), the draft budget of 2012 will be ready for a vote next week after the completion of the introduction of the proposals of the political blocs and their demands. "Said Amin, some transfers in the budget need to be studied and approved by the House of Representatives," stressing that "the Commission I took all demands and proposals of the political blocs, including the Kurdistan Alliance, which corresponds with the Constitution have been taking them. " The government has approved in its emergency meeting on the fifth of the budget in December 2012 that amount to 100 billion dollars (about 117 trillion dinars) and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion. The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation to delay adoption of the budget due to political differences directly affects the provision of services to citizens which is paid to the call for speedy adoption of the budget. Cities need to strongly funds to build its infrastructure destroyed by years of war, sanctions and violence.