Mahmoud Hassan: Legal Committee will discuss the ratification of death sentences with Adviser to the President
10:14 GMT
Agencies - Legal Parliamentary Committee announced Wednesday it will host the Adviser to the President to discuss the ratification of the implementation of the provisions of absence.
Committee Chairman Mahmoud Hassan said, "The Committee is hosting, today, Adviser to the President Khalid Huani and Prince Kanani, to discuss the ratification of the implementation of all death sentences which reached the presidency of the republic within the constitutional time ceilings mechanisms".

He said al-Hassan, "The Legal Committee will discuss during hosting also the law of the powers of the President and the draft national card Bill and the Arms Act and the draft Civil Service Law," noting that "these laws were forwarded from the Presidency of the Parliament to the Commission to initiate passing it and presenting it to parliament for reading and vote later, "PSC / h