Mokhtassan: productive loans opportunity to address the financial crisis 9/30
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Thread: Mokhtassan: productive loans opportunity to address the financial crisis 9/30

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    Mokhtassan: productive loans opportunity to address the financial crisis 9/30

    Mokhtassan: productive loans opportunity to address the financial crisis

    1/10/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    The Chairman of the Iraqi economy, the center of the evolutionary Ali Hilfi to the importance of the allocations (5) trillion dinars oriented banks specialized in different target and chock economic sectors activate.

    He noted that the activation of the productive and service sectors contribute to the economic viability by maintaining the wealth of Ras money inside Iraq, which in turn maximizes the financial resources and eases the burden on the federal budget, pointing out that the Iraqi economy needs to adopt a Court plans conducive to the development of joints and bail him out of the recession, which live for several years.

    He noted that the loans need to adopt mechanisms to lend a high degree of tenderness and identifies loans paths and make them go to productive projects achieve economic feasibility of the establishment, pointing to the activation of industrial production should be at this stage and that it represents the backbone of the Iraqi economic life .fima Ahmed sleazy Mans said the honored Economic that the reality of the domestic industry can do through these loans, which should be directed for the supply of advanced production lines from the best global companies which carry advanced classification on the list of international companies and to ensure that the type of production that are contracted by the Iraqi Industrialists lines.

    Turning director of the center in Basra to the importance of the agricultural sector, where he noted that Iraq has the potential advancement of production plant and animal, pointing to the possibility of establishing an integrated agricultural projects, especially that Iraq has large areas can be invested in the activation of agricultural production.

    He said that Iraq is able to promote production in record time if there is a will and Altugeaat truth to that, noting that Iraq imported annually worth billions of dollars on materials that can be produced locally and Tsneha provision amounts to the annual general budget. He stressed the importance of benefiting from the international effort in the agricultural and industrial sectors, employing what has sophisticated technology to serve Iraq, especially that Iraq cut off from the world for several decades during which the agricultural and industrial sectors have achieved breakthroughs quality and Asthdtt new ways of production.

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