A member of the parliamentary finance demanding the Iraqi government to borrow to bridge the budget deficit

September 30, 2015 12:17

Direct: said Sarhan Ahmed, a member of the parliamentary finance committee, said the government must resort to internal and external borrowing, to fill the budget deficit.

He added that the solution to the financial crisis experienced by the country is not by reducing salaries or lay off staff ndash; according to the agency all of Iraq, "where"; because these actions would harm the interests of the people and will have negative returns on the economic and social security of the citizen.

He explained, "Ahmed," that the government is required to secure the requirements of the Iraqi people, whatever the difficulties faced, good-bye the government to resort to internal and external loans by donor countries and the World Bank to secure the staff and services provided to citizens' salaries.

He was Vice President of World Bank-Ghanem Hafez, it has confirmed that the bank seeks to increase support for Iraq, pointing out that the World Bank is working with the Ministry of Finance to offer Iraq a loan of billion dollars, and that the process is not easy but we are trying to provide the amount before the end of this year.