Kirkuk may be national reconciliation in Iraq Key

September 30, 2015

For as long as the definition of the Iraqi province of Kirkuk anchor political and ethnic tensions, with Amkanh The success of the national reconciliation between Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen or efforts fail. With each passing week, rising to the status of Kirkuk, Iraqi politicians work schedule, and the province has become a focal point for the politicization of the Arab -alcarda and among the Kurds themselves alike.

Kirkuk currently constitute a central point for five sets of interlocking conflicts. The first conflict to fight against the organization, which called itself «the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant» («Daash») / «Islamic State». The slow down in the middle of this conflict, Iraq and remained constant to a large extent on the front along with the Kurdish organization for several months. And now it needs coalition led by the United States to establish a new northern front against al «Islamic State», combine Arab paramilitary forces, the Sunni Kurd, and international support. The Kirkuk starting operations against the stronghold of the organization «Daash» next door in Hawija point.

Administrative Debates

It is a debate between the federal government in Baghdad and «Kurdistan Regional Government» on oil sales, the second conflict that reach a crisis point in Kirkuk. Currently, «the Kurdistan Regional Government» benefit from about 180 to 240 thousand barrels per day of oil extracted from fields in Kirkuk was run by "the North Oil Company" Federal until June 2014.

This substantial quantities of the new efforts of the «Kurdistan region» to achieve economic independence from Baghdad. At the same time, it is still "the North Oil Company" Federal operates other fields in Kirkuk send out about 170 thousand barrels of oil per day to Turkey issued by the Federal Government through the pipeline «the Kurdistan Regional Government.» Cooperative export these quantities to run, "the North Oil Company," which may be an important part of Iraq's budget for 2016, at a time when the country's cash-strapped.

It also represents the Kirkuk cockpit administrative discussions on decentralization between the federal government and the province of Kirkuk, led by active conservative Necmettin cream. Kirkuk, the local government may be the most assertive in Iraq, where the cream seeks to limit the involvement of each of the federal agencies and those of the for «the Kurdistan Regional Government» in the local affairs of the province and to balance them.

In recent months, cream and resisted Baghdad provincial council appointed a new dean of the University of Kirkuk and a new president for "the North Oil Company," while Baghdad is trying to prevent the governor directed by the Director of Intelligence of Kirkuk under the wing of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

A dispute with Baghdad

Constitute a financial decentralization in Kirkuk point other dispute between Baghdad and the province. It condemns Baghdad to Kirkuk more than $ 1.37 billion during 2014 and 2015 in the form of regional development funds and royalties "oil dollars" allocated by the Iraqi federal government in the budget of the oil-producing provinces. The province has been received from this amount, only $ 197 million in the past two years. In the first half of 2015, it has received only $ 12 million to support projects in the province, which includes 1.5 million people and about 600 thousand displaced people [or displaced / homeless.

However, «the Kurdistan Regional Government» did not rush to help: This is the last "oil dollars" did not pay for any of the Kirkuk oil from the province, which they exported, whether with or without the consent of Kirkuk. It stumbled as fuel and electricity supplies by Baghdad and «Kurdistan Regional Government» to the province of Kirkuk, which is often overlooked when the tensions between the federal and «the Government of the Kurdistan Regional Government».

May represent the subject of independence «Kurdistan region» controversial struggle Fifthly and finally Kirkuk, which will play an essential role. In the midst of the Kurdish region because of the crisis of presidential powers, the main Kurdish parties differ about the role that Kirkuk may play in the voting and referendums in the future. The questions that arise here are: Do I have to vote for Kurds from Kirkuk province, in the special presidential election to «the Kurdistan Regional Government», which could benefit the «Patriotic Union of Kurdistan»? When Kirkuk should ask whether you want to join «the Kurdistan Regional Government» - which again is likely to outweigh «Patriotic Union of Kurdistan» isolation «the Kurdistan Democratic Party»? Or is the result of small-scale Judge referendum to join the «Kurdistan Regional Government» will lead to inflame ethnic tensions in Kirkuk for decades to come?

The main trend that is clear here is that the bodies outside Kirkuk province to use its own interests, but the people of Kirkuk are more than feel the impact of the devastating consequences. For example, the lack of money caused the suspension of more than 5,700 new jobs updated by the governor's office and much needed due to the lack of salaries.

And it is depriving program works to create local jobs, and is one of the special province of successes, to a certain extent because it virtually eliminates Baghdad holding a small financial increases of about two million dollars a month for no apparent reason. These funds do not reach even when ordering Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi personally sent.

The truth is that none of the parties can - Baghdad or «the Kurdistan Regional Government» - secure the loyalty and gratitude of Kirkuk for the time being if they were ready to make a decision and a commitment to no more than $ 100 million in temporary funding. While evidence suggests that both Baghdad and «Kurdistan Regional Government» Mnhokh politically and economically, remains one of the most governorates of Iraq strategy for grabs, and you can not either of them or their leaders to mobilize their resources to reach out to Kirkuk and assistance.