Hamdiya Husseini calls for hiring a sugar production plant in Babylon need to cover ration card

[Baghdad - where] deputy called for a mass citizen's Ministry of Commerce to contract with the sugar production plant in Babylon to encourage national industry and provide the ration card needs. Husseini said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "should the Ministry of Commerce to encourage national industry and that by bridging the Iraqi people, the needs of the ration card items to contract with the private sector." Stressed the need to contract with the private factory for the production of sugar in Babylon to the fact that the contract with this plant will be cheaper because it provides the state the cost of transport as it encourages the private sector to increase production of the substance in addition to its contribution to reducing unemployment through the operation of thousands of manpower. "She added Husseini We call on the same time the Integrity Commission to ministries Accounting which imports goods from Kharah the country in case of an unparalleled inside Iraq because this measure will support the Iraqi economy and encourage national industry and provides the country millions of dollars.