"The integrity of Babylon" Court check in more than two billion dinars disappearance Rafidain Bank

Twilight News / Specialized Court revealed claims integrity in Babylon for the disappearance of more than two billion dinars from a State-owned banks in the province, and drew to take all legal proceedings related to the case.
He said the investigation into Judge Maher Hamid Razak said that "news and our response by the Inspector General includes the disappearance of two billion and 400 million dinars from the Rafidain Bank branch Babylon."
Hamid said in a statement to the media center for the judiciary, the Twilight News, that "the court immediately after the receipt of the report of the Inspector General has issued arrest warrants against the accused a group of bank employees orders", adding that "including a bank manager."
He said, "The court has taken all legal procedures against them," the promise of this "case one of the important issues that responded to the court during this year."