Deputy for the National: Parliament is not implemented reforms and laws is not a court cut the time

[Baghdad - where] the National Alliance MP Abdul Aziz Zalmi, stressed that what is stated in Parliament on reforms to determine the timeframe estimated a month to approve the law, "Not Applicable". Said Zalmi, told all of Iraq [where], that "the law is governed by a time ceiling for many reasons, including that most laws only acknowledges the existence of a political consensus, therefore any law that does not have it agrees delay into law the National Guard, which did not pass until today because of disagreements blocs political. "He stressed that" when they are overcome differences would approve laws as soon as possible. "He noted that the reforms of Parliament to define the month of approval of the law" is not implemented, "noting that" the presidency of the House of Representatives said in the case of non-approval of the law, they will return the person to the government, so The parliament is the first official and final report on the laws. "The House of Representatives voted on 11 of last August, on his reforms, which included the" speed up the completion of proposals and draft laws, including speed up the provision of services to citizens and the adoption of the mechanism of the initiative in the first reading after the submission package and then referral to the parliamentary committees and included the second reading during a period not exceeding 14 days and that is the vote on the proposal or the draft law within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of the second reading ".