PKK denies stealing KRG oil

The Kurdistan Workersí Party (PKK) denied claims by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) that the party is stealing the regionís oil. The KRG minister of natural resources said in a statement that the PKK has damaged the regionís oil line to Turkey and is robbing oil from the line, adding the regionís oil export has been halted due to the problem. The PKK Spokesman Demhat Agid firmly denied the claims and told SNN news base that all people in the Kurdish region are well aware that the PKK has not carried the attacks and the attackers have no ties with the PKK.
We do not respond to the KRG natural resources and just state that all know the robbers and the thief and the region should know that it is the robber of its home.
It is worth mentioning that Change Movement deputy in the regionís local parliament, Ali Muhammad Salih, had asked the PKK to clarify if it has any ties with the attacks to know whether the claims by Erbil are real or efforts to distort data on the regionís oil sale. denies stealing KRG oil%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09