Urgent Diwaniya Council held a special meeting to choose a new governor

The Presidency of the Council of the province of Diwaniyah announced held a special session Wednesday afternoon to choose a personal which will occupy the post of governor of Diwaniya, rather than civil Ammar article. And Vice President of the Council said Haider al-Shammari in a press statement that "the meeting will take place at twelve noon today to vote on the selection of conservative among several candidates have applied for this position after the end of the period of receipt of the CVs of the applicants". The House of Diwaniya province has decided in the atheist and the twentieth of this month of September dismissal resigned from the Virtue Party and civil Ammar from his conservative and commissioned the first deputy, Hussein al-Moussawi, a conservative proxy until the election of a new governor within 7 days, after the formation of the Commission on a five-play reception of candidates to fill the position during the An emergency session was attended by 15 members of the Liberal bloc and the rule of law and the Dawa Party and the members of the organization inside Mstgulwn.