House Speaker confirms Parliament seeking approval to file the supporting reconciliation laws

09/30/2015 17:53 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - scales News
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Wednesday, Parliament seeking approval of laws that support the reconciliation file.

A statement from the office Jubouri received / scales News / copy of it today, "The House Speaker Salim al visited Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, and held a meeting with its president and its members during which they review the work of the Committee and the efforts at reconciliation, accountability and justice file management."

The statement added that "the meeting discussed national reconciliation and the need to be given file more attention in order to promote security and stability in the country, and the preservation of national unity."

The head of the Parliament its full support for all initiatives aimed at achieving a comprehensive national reconciliation, noting's relentless pursuit of parliament to pass laws that serve In support of this file.

He praised the role of local and international parties to provide advice in support of laws that contribute to the cohesion of legislation, and the rejection of division and hatred between the sons of the homeland, praising at the same time the role of the Commission on Reconciliation and accountability parliamentary and justice in achieving comprehensive reconciliation. It ended 7 h