Iraqi intelligence source's / scales News / "quartet alliance" will start work in two months

09.30.2015 at 09:30 (GMT Baghdad)

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Iraqi intelligence source revealed, Wednesday, that the joint security information center for the exchange of intelligence in Baghdad between Iraq and military personnel of Russia, Iran and Syria will start work in the next two months.

The source, who holds a senior position in the agency the Iraqi intelligence service to / scales News / "The military personnel of Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria have agreed to start work in the information center security common to exchange intelligence information during the next two months", admitting at the same time that the "vanguard of experts and advisers Russians and Iranians They arrived in Baghdad to prepare for the start of work "quartet alliance," which will be launched in the next two months. "

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "Iraq has become a need to exchange experiences and information intelligence with countries, especially after it became clear that America is not serious and failed with the international coalition in the elimination of al Daash terrorist," explaining that "Iraq will roof with any country trying to help him in its war against al Daash terrorist. "

The "a government source revealed, yesterday Monday, the intense security meetings would begin within the next 24 hours between Iraqi military experts and the Russians and the Iranians and the Russians to agree on a mechanism of action and plans of joint security information center."

The source said that holding a government official's / scales News / "The Russian delegation is composed of 30 advisers and experts, military and specialist affairs intelligence arrived in the capital, Baghdad, yesterday Monday, and was with them emergency aid for the Iraqi armed forces which is about different weapons to fight urban warfare and missiles "Alkornett" thermal 106 to face the wheels organization Daash terrorist bombs and armored ", recognized as" the aim of the establishment of joint security information center between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria to distance the United States from any military role in the war on organizing Daash terrorist, especially as the Iraqi and Western intelligence reports stating that Washington provides assistance with weapons and money to organize Daash terrorist in Iraq. "

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, "The Russian delegation will also contribute to the training of Iraqi pilots on the use of Russian fighter jets of the type" Sukhoi "held by the Iraqi air force," explaining that "the four-party alliance aimed at the most prominent elimination of al Daash terrorist in Iraq and Syria, as well as the presence of Russian claims the need to get rid of the Chechen terrorists and some Islamic republics in the Russian Federation who Iqatolon with Daash terrorist in Iraq and Syria. "

The "media advisor to the Ministry of Defense official and spokesman Mohammed Naseer Nouri stressed that the agreement between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria on the establishment of an information center, a security common objective of eliminating terrorism."

He said Muhammad's / scales News / "The basic function of this center, which the countries concerned have taken a decision on its establishment will be to gather information, processing and dissemination and analysis on developments in the fight against the organization Daash terrorist in the Middle East", recognized as "the management of the Centre will be alternating between officers from Iraq Russia, Iran and Syria not to exceed the management of each party a period of 3 months. "

Media Advisor to the Ministry of Defense and the speaker's formal name, and said that "during the first three months, Iraq will this task in accordance with what was agreed upon with Russia, Iran and Syria," noting that "the head of the Iraqi Intelligence room will head the Center for the Iraqi side with other qualified Iraqis, other officers."

And between Muhammad that "the success of the work of the Centre will create in the near horizon favorable conditions for the formation of a coordinating committee on the basis of which to ensure the operational planning and management, Russian and Iranian and Syria in its fight against terrorism, Iraqi forces," he said. "The center aims to create a link coordinate information shared between the four Tkhaddmmanm parties to eliminate Daash terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria. "

It is said that "Joint Special Operations Command announced Sunday, the presence of security and military cooperation with Russia, Iran and Syria in Baghdad to eliminate Daash terrorist organization."

The command said in a statement received, / scales News /, a copy of it, that "Iraq is the form of the past few months several committees for cooperation in the security and intelligence spheres with the countries expressed their willingness to cooperate with Iraq in the fight against terrorism and the fear of the expansion of terrorist Daash gangs."

He added that "this cooperation is sometimes with individual countries and with the combined Sometimes other countries, there is security cooperation intelligence military with the international coalition, which includes 60 countries stand with Iraq in the fight against Daash, as well as security cooperation and intelligence with individual countries, including Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Germany and France are interested in in cooperation with Iraq's intelligence and security in the face of Daash and his threat to these countries and the whole region. "

She shared leadership, according to, "It was also agreed on a security intelligence co-operation in Baghdad, with both Russia and Iran and Syria to help and participate in the collection of information on the organization of Daash terrorist and its extensions," adding that "it came up with the growing Russian concern about the presence of thousands of terrorists from Russia, who their criminal acts with Daash, "stressing that" Iraq is involved in this field with representatives from the military intelligence ".anthy 29 / d 25