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Ahmed Rami: Ironing Card and MasterCard

D wrote. Ahmed Rami: came in the news that banks Iraqis used my card "Ironing Card and MasterCard," regardless of employees and retirees' salaries "!! it really news beautiful for those who do not know anything about these cards but we retirees who oppressed us such Thus cards call it smart with it's stupid of which proposed and make large crowds of ordinary people and the infirm get lost in Ghamratha as long wait for hours in queues due to Internet outages once more the appearance of a private footprint in the elderly who are retired.

Perhaps the Iraqi citizen, who did not inappropriately luck even to visit - a neighboring country based on a crutch - can not assessment of the Iraqi banking performance. I was once looking for any of the types of hundreds of bread that we're used to in the West at a supermarkets in Ghazaliya was a kind and no one is the luffa is repeated every day and when he has asked him why not bring other types replied surprising: Will There are other types?

And kept insisting Ali told him that if he types in the world other than this orphan who has !!!

It reminded me of what amazement Libby employee respectable criticized at the time when the banking system have said, surprised: Is the world better than the system we have !! But for fairness it was not surprised by Iraqi banks a manager who I deal with him when I asked him when the Iraqi banking system evolve? Thirteen years have passed and the banking system declined and the value of the Iraqi dinar decline, corruption and underdevelopment grows and grows ..

It is complicated to the point of unbearable, and it can not be ignored or overlooked is the need for daily urgent Khajtna to eat and Europe does not carry with us the money does not deal with cash and maintain about in our homes, but everything we carry is the bank card which number our account and in memory of all of us PIN number, which is not known to others, and this he carries all his capital in that it became acting him where he wants and when he wants to push it tea drink in a cafe in the Netherlands and pays him a plane ticket started moving across the ocean to America, where pay off his hotel costs and meals for food and bills marketed either account Tokyo markets in China or even Dubai, Oman !!

But Baghdad, which by some hail and Eetmhdq ceremony crowned the capital of the Thagavh..aajabi !!

I can not believe it not Mhahdhati of the rim and large bags are flying on the shoulders of porters where piles of Iraqi criticism that not only automatic counting machines and what it involves errors Thsah bears usually harm Iraqi citizens as well as the risk of movement and the security situation lean.

Twenty years ago, and I'm in Europe, I do not know where the electricity departments nor water nor gas nor health insurance nor telephone nor internet all I receive to my house and receive the wages according to the dates of my account in a bank automatically Like Add our revenues from salaries and other as most of the shopping and payment operations today take place online even got an emergency -oho rare meanwhile, by phone or online within minutes or a few hours a lot. Today the bank is the nerve center of life and the happy life of the people Oothqy ... we sorrow in Baghdad or lower when we receive the spring European and Arab leave us fall.