Economic accuse the Kurdish parties dominate the commercial sites in Baghdad
Date: 09/30/2015 13:15

Hamid accused economist Daly, Wednesday, Kurdish parties dominate the institutions and commercial sites in the capital, Baghdad.
He told Daly / information / "The Kurdish parties, known in Mekdthma Kurdistan Democratic Union of Kurdistan They recently purchased companies and commercial sites in Baghdad and the dominance of the large number of key sites in the capital."
He added that "the money is bipartisan Astosmaarhama in institutions outside the region, including the private banking areas in Baghdad," explaining that "these institutions and banks across the region to cooperate with commercial intermediaries".
Daly said that "funds registered the names of investors and traders in response have links with these parties."
The region suffers from severe and severe economic crisis with the Kurdish parties are racing to invest huge amounts of their money, estimated at tens of billions of dollars away from Alakulaim.anthy / 25