The integrity of Dhi Qar reveal corruption files in the purchase of 60 ambulances

Dhi Qar / Baghdadi News / .. revealed the Integrity Committee in the province of Dhi Qar Council, on Wednesday, about a corruption scandal in the importation of ambulances to maintain the development of regions within the file plan.

The Chairman of the Committee Kikhany gift in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, "The committee has proved the existence of suspicions of corruption in the purchase of 60 ambulances to maintain funding from the budget of development of the regions."

She explained Kikhany, that "imported cars, which reached Baghdad before being transported to Nasiriyah, was contrary to the specifications of import contract, where I arrived in the form of auto spare parts, while joke stipulates that cars be complete and equipped with the latest medical equipment."

She stressed that "the entire file will be forwarded to the Integrity Commission for decision and accountability of the corrupt, without revealing the accused of corruption or the size of the amounts earmarked for the deal" .anthy 10 Q / l