Economist: the private sector the main alternative to create jobs and the elimination of unemployment
10:46 GMT
Baghdad-and babysit - economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, that the private sector is said the main alternative to create jobs and eliminate unemployment.
He called Antoine in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on the government to "use the private sector for the development of agricultural and industrial production sectors and tourism, to create jobs and reduce the decline and corruption that took place in the Iraqi market rates," noting that "the 2016 budget was built on a virtual figures and set a price for a barrel of oil at $ 45 per barrel, and the production of three million and seven hundred thousand barrels per day. ".

He added Antoine "The 2016 budget included a raise $ 70 Trellion dinars 0.14 Trellion of which comes from taxes and fees for cars and mobile devices sales, and 29 Trellion be funded from the multiple of the International Monetary Fund and the Japanese loan and special drawing rights and the World Bank loans," pointing out that "there is a possibility increase in the budget deficit and the failure to achieve these numbers. "