Araji stresses need to create mechanisms for implementation of reforms
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Thread: Araji stresses need to create mechanisms for implementation of reforms

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    Araji stresses need to create mechanisms for implementation of reforms

    Araji stresses the need to create mechanisms for the implementation of reforms and administration priority to economic ones

    [Baghdad - where] - stressed current Liberal member Bahaa al-Araji, the need for cooperation to find solutions to the implementation of government reforms mechanisms.

    They said, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "reforms made by the Prime Minister on the ninth of August, and regardless of some of the constitutional and legal notes where only that it represented a bold and courageous towards the right direction step, if implemented as we repeatedly requires a pause fact of all political partners not as we see it a reality at the present time.

    "He stressed that" we have no choice but to cooperate seriously to find solutions to the implementation of these reforms and to give priority to financial and economic reforms, mechanisms, and support Abadi political aim of crises experienced by Iraqna exceeded beloved.

    "He added Araji said that "the damage that occurred on the partisan and personal interests of some of them to a statement that announced reforms represent a violation of the constitution and needs to be legislation, but some people take waved to withdraw the mandate of prime minister because of the slowdown in the implementation of reforms, and that only a peg and flimsy."

    He asked, "Was not partners know it when voting on the reforms in the House of Representatives unanimously, or they did not stand on the constitutional violations in previous governments pack, but they did not object to the fact that it was flowing in their favor, or at least has not received them. "

    The religious authority, he stressed last Friday in the words of its representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, the need for economic reform, noting that "the need for economic and administrative reform has become more obvious and more urgent in light of the sharp decline in oil prices predicted by many experts not rise significantly in the coming years, leading to increase pressure on the Iraqi economy and warn of the consequences of Gore commendable for the country.

    "He stressed that" the renewal of the consideration of the financial policies of the government and economists puts the appropriate solutions protect against the Iraqi people are conditions more difficult than the status quo ".anthy

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