Ahmed al-Asadi: We demand a national guard elitist associated Balebadi and shared by all the ingredients

A spokesman for the popular crowd Iraqi Ahmed al-Asadi announced that there are no differences between the leaders of the popular crowd and Abadi, and stressed the indispensability of a national guard elitist Balebadi associated with the participation of all the components.

And the battle of Al-Anbar, al-Asadi said in an interview for "Here Baghdad," the crowd responded quickly to the battle of Anbar without the preparations completed.

He added that the current military data confirms the possibility of resolving the battle of Al-Anbar.

In the political part, felt that the preparations for the popular crowd psychological too big to be affected by political statements, although Doaash policy causing death daily for a year and a half unchecked.

He called Alasudaialy thanked Iran for standing with Iraq generally Daash.