Reveal transfers of dollars to outside Iraq to "false invoices"
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Thread: Reveal transfers of dollars to outside Iraq to "false invoices"

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    Reveal transfers of dollars to outside Iraq to "false invoices"

    Reveal transfers of dollars to outside Iraq to "false invoices"

    Detection economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Monday, about the existence of influential officials were involved and to transfer hard currency "dollar" out of Iraq as "fake bills", stressing the need to control the currency conversion through the re-import licenses.

    Said Antoine L / scales News / he was "not all instructions issued applied quickly and there are still multiple ways to convert hard currency" dollar "out of Iraq, especially since the dollar sales in Iraq up a day to $ 270 million," and urged "the state apparatus to work to control this process and reduce the conversion of hard currency out of Iraq."

    He said economic expert, as "in the past there was a department in the central bank called" control of foreign exchange, "and after the fall of the regime have been canceled, and become all imports made through letters of credit," stressing that "the Iraqi Commercial Bank and some banks controlled this process." He stressed Antoine "the need to control this process by re-import licenses and are defined by certain amounts and issue you know Kmarkip," and urged that "all the amount coming out of Iraq for the purposes of import be enhanced official documents certified by the Iraqi commercial attache of the Iraqi embassy in any country in addition to the entry permits through customs in order to be there in the accuracy of invoices work."

    And he demanded an economist that "sets the amounts that go out to the request of students and missions and the travel and tourism treatment in order to be matching and prevent the currency exit out of Iraq in an irregular manner," stressing that there are "influential officials involved converting the currency to" fake bills "out of Iraq."

    The "economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari said, earlier, that the fiscal policy in Iraq has proved its failure through currency conversion out of Iraq," while "the government called to change its policy direction."

    Al-Shammari said L / scales News / "The fiscal policy in Iraq has proved its failure and is very large, considering that billions go annually to the outside without any accountability," noting that "the auction sale of the currency led to Iraq's entry of new Bmhalk over who is suffering from."

    It is worth mentioning that the "leader of the National Alliance and the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament accused Ahmad Chalabi, earlier, the President of the Court of obstructing the resumption of Rusafa 2500 case involving money laundering in exchange for tens of real estate in Lebanon and the Gulf".

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