Citizens neighborhood thieves . they call the names of neighborhoods inhabited 9/28
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Thread: Citizens neighborhood thieves . they call the names of neighborhoods inhabited 9/28

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    Citizens neighborhood thieves . they call the names of neighborhoods inhabited 9/28

    Citizens neighborhood thieves ... they call the names of the neighborhoods inhabited by officials

    ​Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / ..
    we heard the old "market thieves" who sold the purposes and household electrical appliances, often Matkon those stolen purposes of houses or shops, we heard "Tanak neighborhood," which often Matkon their houses are built from used vegetable oil cans and called dialect vernacular "tank" also heard "district Kta self" to its distance from the cities and basic services centers, as well as there is a "Chechen neighborhood" or "Chechnya market," which is characterized by Bashoaiyate and Hamchith for cities and towns of civilization, but funny is that the citizens called the names of the new residential neighborhoods Match situation in which these neighborhoods the houses built mockingly of the population who often Maeconoa state officials or senior officials accused of financial corruption and bribery suspicions.

    In the city of Nasiriyah, for example, fired the name "financial district corruption" on a new neighborhood near the city of games of any in the city center, known for this neighborhood is a high territorial rates and that the price of one meter in which more than 6 million Iraqi dinars, in addition to that, all their houses belonging to state officials and employees of government departments, positions and degrees of functional variety and different, but the houses are not normal in their construction but is a Carvings spent the billions of dinars from foreign and ground their windows to the inside, and puts the citizens of these houses into question and probably bad, where The build requires a lot of money may not fit with Maitkadah some of the staff of the monthly salary, no matter how.

    While there are those citizens went further than that where fired on a neighborhood of high-end city of Diwaniyah, which was built recently called "neighborhood thieves," he mockingly of most of its inhabitants who mostly belong to political parties and members of the provincial councils, parliament and people influential in the government official or departments contractors for major projects in the province itself or in neighboring provinces.

    He called a number of protesters Friday in most Iraqi provinces to hold accountable corrupt in all sectors and government departments and institutions in accordance with the law, "Where did you get this" and recover stolen from the budgets of public and enterprise funds and the assignment of thieves of public money to the courts to receive their just punishment according to Iraqi law, as well as coordination with the police International "Interpol" to bring all the corrupt fugitives outside Iraq, as some of the protesters demanded to reduce the salaries of state officials to reduce class differences between the segments and groups of society and to prevent the great disparity between them.

    He says Abu, "Mustafa al-Saidi," 46-year-old: that when we go to visit Imam Hussein, "peace be upon him" walk tiger in a number of the province of Diwaniyah areas and confront us there near the Levantine region a number of mega and large houses Aomaysmy "Double Today" and its domes and based style very modern and when we ask for the name of this beautiful neighborhood people of the region said that the so-called "neighborhood thieves" as most of the occupants of officials and selves is known when the people of the area by that name even though he has another name official, has traditionally this label because of the growing corruption and theft operations and the disappearance of huge funds from the budgets of the province, which suffers from a significant reflected in the infrastructure and services.

    And magnified officials property in the Iraqi government day after day until most of the good real estate has become a vast land in their hand, while surrounded by corruption charges and payment of bribes in return for passing fake projects, and turn some officials to most of their belongings register their properties names of their wives or their relatives to pay the charges against them.

    It seems that the reason behind the launch of the citizens cynical names on the high-end neighborhoods inhabited by officials is motivated by revenge against those responsible and bring down the titles of socially undesirable remaining adhesive them forever, even after they came out of responsibility.

    Some officials claim to be descended from a rich family owns agricultural land and real estate, while proving the British writer of Arab origin, "Hanna Batatu" in his famous book "of Iraq," the number of families who owned property before and after the July revolution in 1958 and this number exceeds the fingers of the hand.

    It recalls that the Integrity Commission has recently revealed that in response to the members of the House of Representatives to reveal their financial interests to the 2014 rate of 16%, noting that the conservative response to provide financial disclosure for the current session amounted to 66.7% reporting rate, pointing out that "this percentage came from the detection of 53 a deputy of their net worth out of 328 ". While the "Minister in response to the current government to provide financial disclosure reports amounted to 71 percent," adding that "the 22 ministers submitted their financial interests out of 31 last year."

    The Integrity Commission had announced earlier that the number of members of the House of Representatives who have declared their financial interests to the very end of the month of November 2015 stood at only 25 MPs.

    As pointed out that "the number of members of the chairpersons and departments not associated with the Ministry who did not disclose their financial interests in the past month amounted to 8 out of 23 heads of president," adding that "disclosure tables shown not to receive the body up to the date

    01/31/2015 Divided disclosure of financial receivables stipulated by the Authority Law in force to three types of reports; it is the first disclosure report, which needs to be in charge of providing the detection of financial interests if he took office, transfer, assignment or lend or shall submit its recommendation to the position of functional serving to provide detection, that the present disclosure within 30 days of taking charge of the office, in addition to the annual report, which needs to be in charge of presenting in the month of January of each year, and the final report submitted by the taxpayer in the event of termination of his relation to the office or public office that require submission of the report and, within thirty days of the investigation for that reason.

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