Abadi: 2016 oil revenues go 100% to salaries and continue the removal of privileges

​Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said net oil revenues in the draft next year's budget in 2016, "go 100% to the salaries of employees and retirees." He said al-Abbadi in his speech before heading to New York at the head of a ministerial delegation to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, said "This is a political system that represents Iraqis and defends them all has to be an example in the question of the distribution of wealth and the issue of justice," adding that "a lot of privileges has removed and we are still moving in this direction.
"" We are continuing to review the salaries of state employees in order to reduce the gap between the top salaries and the world and this is important.
"He continued Abadi" We also seek to interest the private workers in the sector do and there are a draft law on social security, which would provide This warranty for all employees in the Iraqi society and not in the Iraqi state.
"He explained Abadi said," This guarantee is essential for us, considering that 100% of net oil imports, according to the budget in 2016 does not exceed the 55 trillion dinars go of them up to 40 trillion dinars to salaries and 11 trillion dinars to retired and therefore all these oil imports go salaries so we have to involve the private sector to generate another economy parallel to the state's economy to does not depend on the proceeds of oil and strive to improve aspects of the many economy.
"The prime minister pointed to" the Council of Ministers very hard to reduce government expenditures to the maximum extent possible and has already succeeded In this reduction, and we were able to pass the budget in 2015, although they represent 40% of what it was in the past years due to the decline in oil revenues, however we were able to walk the state and continue to fight Daash and secure the military expenditure of the weapon and ammunition as well as continue to support citizens' services.
"He stressed Abadi said "This effort will continue to do but needs to support the citizen by turning the waste and the fight against corruption" and called on citizens to "detect any case of corruption supported to make corrupt figures living in fear direct current, and we opened several files to people who are corrupt in this country and will end these files correctly through the judiciary and the courts competent.
"The Prime Minister expressed the hope that his visit to New York, the two-day" successful and provide more support for Iraq in its war on Daash and be in the ranks of developed countries, ".