Sheikh Mohammed's [where]: media ignored the achievements of Parliament 9/28
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Thread: Sheikh Mohammed's [where]: media ignored the achievements of Parliament 9/28

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    Sheikh Mohammed's [where]: media ignored the achievements of Parliament 9/28

    Sheikh Mohammed's [where]: media ignored the achievements of Parliament and the holding of the political process

    [Baghdad-where] criticized the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Aram Sheikh Mohammed role of some media to focus on projects contentious laws between the political blocs and the "omission Anjazat Parliament legislation important laws."

    Sheikh Mohammed told all of Iraq [where], "The legislation is controversial law will hold the political process and the rule of the state more and better not enacted until get full agreement on it, but we regret that the media focuses on a small number of controversial laws did not go to the laws that have been its legislation, including the task of approved Parliament in about a year ago as a law labor and political parties, Passports and paving streets and the law to encourage doctors and other number of important and necessary laws that relate to people's lives."

    He added that" the focus of the media was only on the controversial laws, which contributed to the complexity of the political process and I think that the best way is a continuation discuss and negotiate with each other in order to reach a complete agreement on the laws relating to the state and that is so bad that we move the enactment of laws complicate the political process and the best that Anscherah until reaching an agreement, especially that these laws concerning the society and the state, and certainly we'll eventually to around the agreement.

    "said Sheikh Mohammed that he "During one year of age Parliament has been legislation 45 law, including the important but regret the focus of the media on the controversial laws only" pointing out that "multi-nationalities and creeds of the House and certainly would not have the laws unanimously total and agreed upon," and urged "the media that keeps the focus on the controversial laws, but should be treated equally to what prescribed by Parliament."

    He stressed that" the Presidency of the Council of Representatives continuing to negotiate with the parliamentary blocs on controversial laws, but do not want to [increase insult to injury] Valzerv current Aithml more differences introduced laws may spasm and tension Street Iraqi and better if we continue to negotiate in respect thereof until the agreed upon and we are optimistic about passage of these laws, as happened in the law of parties.

    "He explained that" what passed by Parliament during the few months of the laws are not seen light in the previous parliamentary sessions, but this course despite all the security and economic difficulties have been completed, a something that is not little.

    "It is said that the House of Representatives is facing criticism popular political and the other about the slow pace of legislation important to the laws of the National Kahars, oil and gas the Federal Court and the other but deputies from different blocks defended what they have accomplished during the last period in this parliamentary session Alhalah.

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