Petraeus admits Maliki was able to sort of year nat'l who engaged al Qaeda and Daash
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Thread: Petraeus admits Maliki was able to sort of year nat'l who engaged al Qaeda and Daash

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    Petraeus admits Maliki was able to sort of year nat'l who engaged al Qaeda and Daash

    Petraeus admits .. Maliki was able to sort of year national who engaged al Qaeda and Daash

    Admitted head of the US intelligence apparatus that Petraeus, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was able to attract national of the year who entered the ranks of Daash and al-Qaeda.

    According to Petraeus, in a confidential report submitted to Obama that al-Maliki awarded golden opportunities to the year, which engaged with Daash and al-Qaeda to return to the ranks of the nation and the formation of political entities to enable them to restore their role in shaping Iraq's new political map.

    And refers Petraeus report that Karzma Maliki strong so that it can from extinguish any fire, has succeeded in attracting senior heads of Sunni tribes and their proximity to him and talk about the dictatorship of al-Maliki are just rumors of his opponents, especially from the National Alliance Maliki was not sectarian and this installed Sunnis themselves, but This does not mean there are no mistakes in his government and his advisers who did not pass him the truth.

    The issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi no conclusions security sources and an Iraqi, but that the US embassy in Baghdad know cell Hashemi and his links with the Muslim Brotherhood and applies to al-Hashemi applies to the Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi, who granted al-Maliki, a great opportunity for dialogue and restore confidence in himself, but al-Issawi treated like a leader of the Sunnis He was challenging the government at the time, meaning that any al-Issawi exercise the role of government within a government.

    The report makes clear that al-Maliki was able to eliminate crime and paralyzing political parties guerrilla movement.

    And between Petraeus in his 15-page that the Shiite alliance seemed torn On the way to the division because of the power chair, which suffers from differences experienced by the Kurds and Sunnis.

    At the Foreign Relations file refuted Petraeus in his report that al-Maliki wants to be its relations with Saudi Arabia, dominated by the brothers and the fight against terrorism, but Saudi Arabia refused to convergence because the majority Sunni politicians were transferred to Saudi Arabia confusing information about al-Maliki and the reason is that he embraced the politicians so-called second-tier they are preparing to appear on theater and political landscape of the Sunni Iraqi.

    Petraeus and indicates that the Awakening is an American idea, but was born from the womb of al-Maliki.

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