Barzani founded a new political movement
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Thread: Barzani founded a new political movement

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    Barzani founded a new political movement

    Barzani founded a new political movement

    Twilight News / announced Kurdish politician and a leading member of the Democratic Party of outgoing Adham Barzani expressed his intention to return to political work to prepare for the establishment of a new political movement on the scene Kurdish.

    The face Adham Barzani, a cousin of the region's president and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massoud Barzani, on his page in the social networking site (Facebook) and I followed Twilight News, a question to his readers that "I ask yourselves out that the opinion of the masses is very important I have and Ole's very important: What is the do you think that I go back to the policy arena through a mass political movement? "

    Barzani and the Kurdish one of the most active figures on the social networking sites, according to the follow-up Twilight News, the majority of its fans on Facebook have supported his return to political life and the formation of the new movement.

    Adham Barzani, is one of the important social figures of the clan, the region's president, Massoud Barzani, and the biggest supporters of the reform movement, he has demanded on several occasions the Kurdistan Region Parliament by announcing a referendum on independence for the region from Iraq.

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