Parliamentary Integrity: public prosecutor closed the corrupted files in previous governments

Sep 28 2015
- High-Yazidi called on the Member of Parliament, the government has to coordinate with the presidents and the House of Representatives to implement a project of reforms. A member of the National Union bloc in the Council, the Attorney Ribawar Taha said in an interview for the site of the Central Council of the Union PUK (, on Sunday, September 2015 27, that the National Union bloc with reforms, adding, "But we confirmed at the beginning of the announcement of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi package of reforms, the need for the reforms to be radical and comprehensive, and that there be coordination with the House of Representatives to Tnivhawala the focus is on reforms superficial. "

He criticized the MP Taha lack of coordination between the three authorities in reforms file, pointing out that no one can be at the top of the pyramid of power and the reforms alone, describing the reforms subjectivity, stressing the need to implement the reforms, the fact of the Iraqi state institutions and widespread where Corruption. He MP Taha, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member, that there are major corruption files, and there are approximately 500 corruption in previous governments and the current government file, noting that the Committee submitted 10 days before a formal letter number 51 file to the bodies of integrity and public prosecution, It has been answered by the public prosecutor that the section of these files were closed, and the department is still under investigation by the department last no evidence substantiated, stressing at the same time that the files submitted together with evidence probative clear Committee legally and artistic. The new MP Taha stress the need for coordination between the three authorities in reforms file, pointing out that the main points of the reforms Abadi is to open the files in the previous governments, noting that the Commission has received post an official letter by the public prosecutor a week ago, on previous governments files, confirm that these files were closed . PUKcc high-Yazid

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