Calls for the inclusion of reform efforts .. manifestations of corruption, Ministry of Finance

The need for the provisions of the ring on corruption in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance.
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: In the framework of the reform calls that go by the government, on the road to end the corruption cases, and to develop an appropriate charge in the right place, draws Iraqi attention in their comments and views, which amounted to a "obelisk" to the need for the provisions of the ring on corruption in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance , at a time when confirmed judicial authorities, last week, that they consider a major corruption files at the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, indicating that it will reach higher grades, also referred to the approaching general inspector of the Ministry of Finance's office to provide administrative investigation and the statement of the amount of damage in public money. The judiciary, on 14 September that the Court of integrity and economic crime and money laundering in Baghdad is currently considering 53 financial corruption and administrative file relating to the Ministry of Finance. And it confirmed the authority said in a statement, citing an investigative judge of integrity in Baghdad Ihab Abdul Redha, "The defendants in this some issues degree Director General of the Undersecretary of the Ministry", noting that "some of these files has reached advanced stages would be referred to the trial court."
Observers believe in the economic and financial affairs that the financial and economic problems in the country linked to the Ministry of Finance's policy towards the market and currencies because of rampant corruption in the ministry and the inability of its minister, Hoshyar Zebari, to take measures in the fight against rampant corruption.
An informed source revealed, on 10 September 2015 for delivery of five community banks files, and about 313 names of politicians and business leaders to justice and the Integrity Commission on charges of corruption, embezzlement and theft of public money.
And consistently Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, since his accession to the Ministry of Finance in the current government to secure the money of the Kurdistan region, a priority in the agenda of Wazzrah, despite the financial crisis and austerity announced by the central government.
The Zebari said in February 2014, that there is wasteful spending by the government to fight against Daash, while on the other hand pressing on the government to secure the Kurdish Peshmerga expenses. Also he contradicted himself, while paying at the beginning of February 2015 the amount of two and a half billion for the salaries of the Kurdistan region, with thousands of members of the security forces, and the popular crowd, did not receive their salaries yet.
And Hoshyar Mahmud Mohammed Zebari, Iraqi Kurdish politician work as foreign minister in the government appointed by the Governing Council of Iraq and keep Bhakepth in the interim Iraqi government and the Iraqi transitional government to become foreign minister in the Iraqi government in 2006 and the Iraqi government in 2010 and is the brother of the mother of Massoud Barzani.
It is believed activist and civil Mustafa Knight in an interview for "obelisk", "widespread corruption in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the reign of Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, go to the Finance Ministry, which Valquadr with him in the same Foreign Ministry attributed to the Ministry of Finance."
Iraqi Ministry of Finance led by Zebari, a key ministry representing the whole of Iraq, also said its minister must not represent its roles in a particular national, and his statements, which he excels Zebari blatantly, raises provoke the Iraqis.
In the context of that said civil rights activist Mohammed slave in an interview for "obelisk", that "Minister Zebari is unable to combat corruption in the Ministry of Finance."
And the Minister of Finance did not threaten to resign while thousands of employees were not paid salaries in private companies so-called self-financing Iraqi ministries, but it threatens to resign if the Baghdad government did not send 17% of the budget to the government of Barzani.
And re-Iraqi Finance Minister's remarks, Hoshyar Zebari, on March 15, 2015, about his withdrawal from the government and "return to Arbil," of a new, controversial Arab-Kurdish relationship, and the role of Kurdish ministers in the federal government, after their positions aligned to the Kurdistan region.
The threat Zebari said that "one day will not stay in Baghdad in the case reached an conviction that that the federal government is deliberately not send dues Kurdistan Region", an extreme example of the provocation of the Kurdish government, from the "inside", after the representatives of the communities and regions turned into spokespersons of these national , or that community, not Iraq.
And it refers to a source familiar with the conditions of the Ministry of Finance, that by taking over Zebari, the Ministry of Finance, has been one of the biggest transfer of financial corruption suspects from the Foreign Ministry to the Ministry of Finance with him as a financial adviser. But the source did not name the adviser.