Civilian crisis management cell complex meeting for the implementation of the Prime Minister guidance on cholera control measures


In light of the follow-up of the Prime Minister of the developments in the incidence of cholera, cell civilian crisis management meeting held on Saturday under the chairmanship of the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords in the presence of members of the cell from other ministries and agencies. Representatives of the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs also attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the measures taken in the light of the order of the President of the Council of Ministers to ratify the cell civilian crisis management decisions held on 09/19/2015, and the challenges facing the work. And released by The meeting report that includes the immediate needs to sustain stop cholera measures, and most important of these requirements to secure the necessary funds to provide the amounts of chlorine and alum and facilitate the delivery of contracted volumes through border ports. And to intensify field follow-up to oversee the preventive and curative measures and raising the daily reports on the progress of work and the problems faced by the authorities concerned. In another aspect was emphasized the importance of intensifying public information and awareness campaigns and to invite the Iraqi Media Network and the rest of the media to give the topic of interest is required, and cooperation with the competent authorities to secure Awareness side. On the other hand assured representatives of international organizations attending the meeting ready to support government measures taken, stressing that besiege the disease and stop requiring sustain the momentum of the approved measures Currently, the most important of safe water and sterilization insurance. The World Health Organization confirmed the keenness of the organization to deliver the maximum possible quantity of vaccine against the disease in the coming days, and to develop accurate map of the coverage of the population of the most vulnerable areas of cholera.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
26 Ailol 2015