Barzani calls on Turkey to protect Kurdistan oil pipeline passing through its territory

Twilight News - president of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, Iraq / Turkey on Sunday called on the security authorities to protect the pipelines lines of crude oil belonging to the region and passing through the Turkish territory.

Barzani told reporters in Arbil, capital of Kurdistan province, that one of the pipelines for the oil region in the Turkish territory has been blown up a few days ago, and here I call on the Turkish government that draws its security forces need to protect and preserve the pipeline.

He said Barzani pipelines for oil of Kurdistan is one of the main sources of wealth of our people, and must Parties, whatever that stop sabotage operations that affect those pipes, pointing to the need that nine Turkish authorities to prevent those operations and maintain those pipes.

Barzani and continued acts of sabotage that occur on those tubes in Turkish territory obliges its authorities to assume responsibility for maintaining them.

The government of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has said on Friday that the first connecting the pipeline to steal the Turkish port of Ceyhan has been brought to a halt supplies of crude oil.

The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government drastically on Saturday for the return of the export of crude oil through the pipeline to the port of carrier Turkish sides.