Iraq asserts control over cholera
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Thread: Iraq asserts control over cholera

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    Iraq asserts control over cholera

    Iraq asserts control over cholera

    Twilight News / confirmed Iraqi Health Minister Hamoud Adila Sunday he has control of the cholera disease in all provinces of the country.

    Hammoud said in a press conference held in Maysan province south of the country, had been provided with all the provinces textured sterile chlorine for water, has been to control the cholera does not pose a threat anymore, adding that the disease Musume did not turn into a pandemic.

    And it issued a civil crisis cell in the Council of Ministers during a meeting on Saturday a report on an outbreak of "cholera" disease in some provinces of the country, and the highlights of that report insurance articles "of chlorine and alum" Almakmtin of drinking water, and to accelerate the delivery of contracted amounts of those articles of ports border.

    The head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi had ordered on Friday concerned to take "immediate" measures authorities in an effort to contain the cholera epidemic.

    And monitoring of the disease a few days ago in the town of Abu Ghraib, located 25 kilometers west of the capital, where recorded four deaths, at least. Most of the new cases in Babil province south of Baghdad.

    And announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Health on Wednesday that the incidence in the first large outbreak of cholera since 2012 has risen to 121 and spread to the southern provinces along the Euphrates River but no new deaths days ago.

    Cholera is transmitted mainly through contaminated water and food and the disease if not treated can lead to death within hours as a result of dehydration and kidney failure.

    And it became the water and sanitation system in Iraq rickety and hindered the years of war and neglect of infrastructure development. The weakness of public services a key driver of the protests came out in the streets of Baghdad last month.

    He attributed the spokesman for the Ministry of Health comrades al-Araji, a cholera outbreak to the low water level in the Euphrates River, which is used by locals for drinking, agriculture and Seoul to winter which polluted the river and shallow wells with sewage.

    Diagnosed and injuring about 300 people with the disease in 2012, the city of Kirkuk in the north of the country and the Kurdistan region. And five years earlier, he died at least 24 people and recorded more than 4,000 confirmed cases.

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