Allawi reveals the reasons for his call to replace Abadi ..! 9/26/2015
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Thread: Allawi reveals the reasons for his call to replace Abadi ..! 9/26/2015

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    Allawi reveals the reasons for his call to replace Abadi ..! 9/26/2015

    Allawi reveals the reasons for his call to replace Abadi ..!

    WARADANA - The President of the National Coalition and the movement of office and reconciliation former Vice President Iyad Allawi's call for a review of the current line-up and its president, Haydar al-Abadi it Jaouat in time with the continuation of the popular demonstrations to improve the security and service and economic situation and the elimination of financial and administrative corruption rampant in the country.

    Office, that "Alawi said call regarding re-examine the formation of the executive branch was fitting her time. As a result of the continuation of the popular demonstrations demanding rights and realistic reforms that save the Iraqi people from the bitter reality which is going through and that has not been achieved, including anything that did not respond to the executive branch to these legitimate claims, but It launched a package of austerity reforms timid. "

    The statement added that "in the presence of millions of displaced people and control the forces of terror and extremism over vast areas of Iraq, hundreds of young people seeking to migrate to the unknown and thousands of innocent detainees difficult economic situation that Iraq is going through and the lack of essential services to our honorable. Dr. Allawi was one of the first supporters of the government of Mr. Abadi which it was formed by the Iraqi political forces. "

    The statement pointed out that "stress claim the National Coalition and the National Accord Movement reforms for many years to take the reality and concrete actions on the ground," noting that "for the van Dr. Allawi believes it is necessary to initiate and accelerate the achievement of reconciliation and national unity and build a professional and national state institutions capable of providing services decent for our people and protect it from the enemies of Iraq. "

    Allawi has called on Friday to form a government rescue, led by one "mighty" who reject unilateralism in the Shiite National Alliance, and the replacement of the President of the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi.

    Allawi said that his call comes after the current government in Adarah the country failed and overcome security and economic crises and others, warning of the worsening situation in the event of failure to act to form a new government, the main political coalitions leaders and some of the forces of the popular movement, as well as some of the forces that are still outside the political process by consensus and without the participation of marginalization.

    He launched a call for the President of the parliamentary bloc behind Abdul Samad on Saturday behind a scathing attack on former Vice President Iyad Allawi, on the last call to change the prime minister and form a government rescue to ensure the country out of crises. %2F91597%2Fعلاوي-يكشف-اسباب-دعوته-لاستبدال-العبادي
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