High oil prices as a result of the rise of the stock and reduced the number of US platforms

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Crude oil prices rose for the second consecutive session, supported by the rise of stocks on Wall Street and the low number of oil platforms operating in the United States, although the decline in drilling activity was the lowest in four weeks and did not have a significant impact on dealers.
Futures for crude gains recorded during the week as well. Instead of optimism in the past few days on low stocks in Cushing, Oklahoma delivery warehouse in US crude futures point concerns the impact of the increase in US gasoline stocks.
Yet across some traders and analysts voiced skepticism that the oil continues to climb in the coming weeks because of the differing expectations of supply and demand for the global economy. Futures rose to global crude measurement Brent 43 cents or 0.9 percent at the settlement to $ 48.60 a barrel. The Brent contract had risen to about $ highest level in the meeting with the rise of US stocks before they turn to fall for some time during the session and then go up in the end.
US crude rose 79 cents, or about 1.8 percent at the settlement to $ 45.70 a barrel.
Van rose by about two percent during the week. Based on the latest data for US oil services company Baker Hughes reduced the number of oil platforms operating in the United States by four platforms, the lowest decline in four weeks.

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