After the electrodes ... MP Jubouri special seat in Saudi Arabia

Brother Holy Land -
He envoy for News Agency (et) to the Holy Land that "MP Ahmed al-Jubouri Mosul province now resides in Mecca body without the knowledge of the Hajj and Umrah and the Iraqi government."

He said the envoy (et) that "the Attorney-Jubouri received a special visa from Saudi Arabia via Jordan without the knowledge of the Iraqi government and parliament," noting that "the Iraqi Hajj delegation said it visa for any Iraqi official did not give in accordance with the instructions of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."

The MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the Hajj and Umrah body charged with maintaining the rights of looting and confiscation of seats in the province to go to Hajj. "

Sources for the presence of a number of deputies and blocs, including the Sunni bloc head Ahmed electrodes in Saudi Arabia Private visa, without the knowledge of the Iraqi government and parliament."

The source indicated that "the presence of electrodes in Mecca after his presence at the Doha conference and talk about the Riyadh-sponsored conference on Iraq and the formation of the Sunni region."

The MP for the coalition of state law, affiliated to the National Alliance Zainab Arif visual "The alliance will gather signatures to interrogate Almahabon of Representatives to Saudi Arabia without the knowledge of the government, noting that" there is information confirming that the deputies had gone to Saudi Arabia to participate in the conference against Iraq, and not to perform the Hajj".