Giant lunar eclipse in the skies of Iraq at dawn Monday

Baghdad -arac Press -26 September / September - announced NASA, on Saturday, about the imminence of a state of full eclipse of the moon or the so called "lunar eclipse giant".

Will cover the Earth's shadow, and for about an hour, a full moon, where they pass through the earth between the sun and the moon, and this will be a distinctive appearance of the moon eclipses the largest, and more fainter than usual, where up to a point in its orbit where the closest of the land.

According to NASA weather conditions will be a role in the visibility of the moon, in the case of the sky was clear this phenomenon will be visible in North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of West Asia and eastern Pacific.

It is possible to view this astronomical phenomena in various parts of central and northern Iraq, after prayers at dawn on Monday, 09/28/2015.

And it will begin the partial eclipse of the moon in the fourth hour and seven minutes in the morning local time for Iraq.

This will be followed by a partial eclipse of the moon completely eclipse begins at five o'clock and ten minutes in the morning and will be complete by mid-total eclipses get at exactly five o'clock and seven and forty minutes, before sunrise.

NASA, he continued, "Over more than 30 years on the giant lunar eclipse coincided with the lunar eclipse," adding: "the total lunar eclipse next will not occur until 2018, as the synchronization will not happen in the next lunar eclipse until 2033 Giant" .anthy (1)